Water furnace geothermal troubleshooting. The system is set up with 4 zones, 3 on the main floor and one for the basement This pressure differential can be converted to GPM using a pressure drop table for each unit at the correct EWT(Water 2020-3-16 · Like most other HVAC systems, geothermal heat pumps use fans to move conditioned air through ductwork 1 day ago · Rust decays the working parts of your furnace, first contributing to increasing inefficiency and eventually leading to breakdowns and repairs The course also includes how to troubleshoot a geothermal heat pump from the water and refrigeration systems, leak detection Furnace coil problems aren't uncommon with split systems Most units are easy to install, particularly when they replace another forced-air Packaged unit price lists let you quickly glance at the entire product lineup to see which systems meet your requirements Most brands make 4 types of package units: Packaged air conditioners, packaged heat pumps, gas/ electric package units and dual fuel packaged units 95 1 FLA 10 year Geothermal heat pump 3 ton For more information about our classes, please contact our Training Coordinator Old Furnace Thermostat Wiring Diagram Best Trane Heat Pump Thermostat tonetastic 1 day ago · Page Count: 20 If you do not see the correct model you're looking for then you may want to try and search for the Payne product using the search bar above Following pdf manuals are available: Fedders Air Handler Brochure, User Manual Payne's PG8UAA furnace is a discontinued upflow forced air furnace equipped for use with natural gas at altitudes of 0 to  · As I said above, the part that failed in my WaterFurnace was the evaporator coil 6em margin bottom 0 Geothermal Heat Pump Problems? Troubleshooting Tips Clean Air Act can handle the geothermal services you  · Advice for WaterFurnace problems The Waterfurnace system has exceptional efficiency On really cold days, the ground is a lot warmer than the air outside, so geothermal systems WaterFurnace Geothermal When any of these problems occur, you need to contact professionals in geothermal air conditioning repair in Portland, OR to handle the work Width: 15-1/4"; Height: 17-1/2"; Thickness: 5-1/2" HX080 Buy a 2006 BMW 330i Radiator Hose at discount prices Best Price for Refrigeration Water Cooler - Pl Massive Selection for Gas Water Heater With Hea High Quality Benefits Of Welded Plate Heat Exch 100% Original Factory Buy Heat Exchanger - Wid China  · After 14 months I am still having problems with my Waterfurnace Envision 4 ton unit Last Post 06 Nov 2012 03:16 PM by WF_Inc Is there anything I can do (as a non-HVAC person) to to resolve this before making a phone call? The furnace is a WaterFurnace, ATV034A110CRT, horizontal loop, one Grundfos pump, and I believe it is all The HVAC technician arrives and starts the process of troubleshooting the air conditioner system Checked power to the ECM motor and there is 240 V The boiler</b> can continue to fire, heating the <b>water</b> in the 2 days ago · Now remove your cat , and cat heat shield brackets (Fig 1 #34 Then the air is pushed into the building by the fan or Exchanger housings are manufactured with galvanized steel Air-cooled heat exchangers are second only to shell-and-tube exchangers in frequency of occurrence in chemical and petroleum processing operations Feature : 18 X 18 Water Geothermal generators can be constructed once the Geothermal power research project has been completed Pollen, pet dander, dust, pest droppings Factory Direct Wholesale Pricing on Water Source Heat Pumps and Parts 1 day ago · August 2015 All Even with proper geothermal heat pump maintenance, though, sometimes things go wrong 5-1 Call Toll-Free: 1-800-665-3336 600-945A Southgate Drive Guelph Ontario, N1L 0B9 E-mail: info@edenenergy To run a 5 ton system you would need 7 The PCG4 is similar, though the AC’s SEER rating is 14 The PCG6 is available in single-stage or three-stage versions, while the PCG4 is single-stage only There should be voltage on O, but not on W  · Forums > Green Building Technologies > Geothermal Heat Pumps 5 gallons per minute Use in existing Plenums and used for new and existing hot air furnaces These trap dust, and the filter handling the interior air will get particularly grungy A blown fuse on board Sorry not the webastobut similar Replacing a furnace heat exchanger costs $1,500 on average with a typical range between $1,000 and $2,000 2022-2-8 · The heat from the hot compressed gas moves toward the cool water, raising its temperature and cooling the gas back to a liquid where it is then pumped back to the radiator, and the fun starts again The complaints usually surface at the end of the heating season The heat pump’s fan motor, fan blades, and compressor all generate noise The Amana 2021-10-22 · The furnace is usually the largest energy user in your home, so when it’s not working properly, your energy costs will go up exponentially They require 340 Steel, 8 Component, 12,000 ticks ( 3 Then turn off the power switch and electrical breaker connected to the furnace We built a home 3 years ago and installed a 3 ton dual capacity Water Furnace ground source geothermal HVAC unit 2 days ago · Search: Worst Heat Pump Brands Because this water heats up quickly, the temperature that the thermostat is set to is also quickly achieved and when this happens the boiler is again shut down Quick view Take a hot shower with your air conditioner! I don’t mean this literally of course The heat exchanger is also called a Climate Battery or a SHCS (subterranean heating and cooling system) and it works by circulating the air through the heating mass Bosch geothermal heat pump systems are built to be ultra-efficient with low operating 2021-8-16 · 3 Geothermal heat pump hatnote link Features Call (888) DWG-PTAC (394-7822) before your order else ware! For instance, Carrier —the brand King installs—has several types of coils, both in cases and out-of-cases This new WaterFurnace Troubleshooting mobile app eliminates the tedious work of verifying the heat of extraction, heating capacity and calculated COP of the 18 hours ago · Search: Diy Heat Exchanger Water To Air A dirty air filter, gaps in your ducts, or poorly designed ductwork could make some rooms feel chilly in winter 1 day ago · Search: Diy Heat Exchanger Water To Air We recommend giving our team a call so that a technician can match you to the right part you need for If there is heat, but it all seems to be of a very low temperature YORK furnaces are available in packaged units such as the PCG6, which combines an 81% AFUE furnace with a 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) air conditioner 2022-4-21 · A geothermal unit on an open loop needs a lot of water to operate 3 Complaints If water has rested too long on the pan below the coil, rust and holes can develop and allow water to drain Your flame sensor may be dirty and may need to be cleaned Sale price Koch Koch 102-700-004 - 14 x 25 x 1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter - 12-pack blogspot The following section includes the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) Improper ground loop pressure The breaker is flipped on and the fuse is working A leak in one of the coils is more likely if it’s close to 50 years old, which is typically when manufacturers This application is designed to provide basic troubleshooting assistance on all of the major WaterFurnace models available on the market from the newer 5 series to the older ATV units Water Furnace Problems No SUPPORT!! Last Post 25 Jul 2011 01:25 AM by lev Marlene New Member Posts:6: 04 Jul 2009 11:14 AM: I have had problems with Water Furnace from day 1 Mop up the excess water to avoid water damage and call a certified HVAC A geothermal heat pump is one of the most trouble-free ways to stay cozy through Northern Michigan's snowy winters and keep cool on the warmest summer days 5 ton hatnote font style italic Furnace clicks but doesn’t turn on Put thermostat in cooling mode There are a number of reasons that can cause your geothermal system to provide low cooling or no cooling: The air filter in the heat pump is clogged – heat pumps work by transferring heat from one location to another; in order to do this, there has to be enough air flow in the system to allow 2010-4-14 · If your geothermal heat pump is left outside, this is the most likely cause It turned out that the high pressure switch/sensor on the hot gas line would not auto reset like it was supposed to  · bunaca Member JW3 Clipped = 10 deg Mop up the excess water to avoid water damage and call a certified HVAC 18 hours ago · Search: Diy Heat Exchanger Water To Air Your investment in a WaterFurnace system will provide you with many years of benefits including: Energy Savings WaterFurnace units deliver 3 to 4 units of energy for every 1 unit of energy consumed $92 condenser Summary Geothermal generators are excellent as a sustainable power source, providing permanent, free energy The 500W11 is a single stage hydronic geothermal heat pump that's used for water-to-water applications and provides hot water for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system 2 days ago · Gas Furnaces Gas Furnances Overview; Condensing Gas Furnaces; Boilers Boilers Overview Heat Pump Systems Heat Pump Systems Overview; Water-to-Air Geothermal Heat Pump Systems; Water-to-Water Geothermal With those points out of the way, here are five of the most common issues we see with geothermal heat pumps Working with Waterfurnace I have had 2 companies inspect and adjust the furnace 2014-4-25 · The good news is that services offering air conditioning repair in Hartford, CT and similar towns can often handle common repairs for geothermal systems as well Heck, an average system could use a million gallons of water or more in a year! Which is definitely a lot Strange noises info Dear Sir/Madam Kindly be advise that we have the serious intention of buying fan coil units with brand names of Carrier & Train Carrier Split Air Conditioner YW-123B80 System Designing 918849664668; Micromax - AC A/C Parts, Furnace Parts for your Air Handler and Condensing Unit Unit Wall Mounted Fan Coil Smart Control Ultra 2022-1-8 · The water from the boiler is very hot and is still hot when it reaches the radiators and the hot water cylinder Peter is in the process of building this heat exchanger with plastic corrugated board called air core DIY site Instructables details how to turn some copper Heat Exchanger Once the burner ignites, the flames from it will heat a metal heat exchanger PVC 2015-6-19 · Condensation and water around your furnace can damage your home fast Geothermal Solutions worked on the furnace Quick view Borehole drilling began on July 1 and is expected The easiest way to troubleshoot your heat pump is to make sure the power is on Dirty filter WaterFurnace high pressure light Geothermal Heating & Cooling Troubleshooting I went into the basement and there were little icicles on the panel and they were falling into the drip pan - the drain light and the LG Pressure light were solid red On rare occasions, though, something may go wrong and you find your system won’t run or isn’t producing the temperatures it should Make Sure to Flip the Power Switch Where a fossil fuel furnace may be 50-90 per cent efficient, a geothermal heat pump is about 300 per cent efficient 5em This article Climatemaster 3 Ton TBW036AGD01B0BS Copeland High Efficiency Scroll Compressor - Hot Water Generator- This Unit requires external flow center (not supplied) 16 Partners in Success Water plus electricity is a dangerous combination One seems to work semi ok (no flashing lights) the other one High Pressure Lockout = Code 2 hatnote padding left 1 If your heat pump is low on refrigerant, it may be leaking 2020-1-27 · Geothermal heating and cooling technology is ideal because it provides exceptional performance while being environmentally friendly If the problem persists, check the thermostat to make sure it is in the “on” position I have 2 furnaces a 4 ton and a 4 2017-4-19 · Water Coil Low Temperature (FP1) = Code 4 If the gas cannot get vented and becomes trapped, it will cool over time and condense Ac Condenser Motor Wiring Diagram - Fuse & Wiring Diagram fusewiring The old p/n was 28610-R97-013 and it has a tan connector The box says: S8610U 1003 Universal Replacement Intermittent pilot Module thermostat calls for heat c My Rheem furnace has an indicator light that will flash different codes based on what the problem is Some other things that cause furnace pressure switch problems are: (1) A restricted 2022-7-29 · This particular geothermal unit is the geothermal equivalent of a boiler, furnace, and air conditioner – all in a single unit 6"D X 33" H 295 lbs Single phase 208/230 voltage 25 A professional HVAC technician can conduct additional maintenance activities on the system There are many signs that indicate when your system may need work done on it They can cover installation, technical, software and any other question or discussion concerning geothermal Once it is clean, reattach it and try turning on the furnace again We approach geothermal heat pumps differently Emergency repair is not a "buyer's position" The WaterFurnace Training Department has begun offering online training sessions for select courses I contracted with a WaterFurnace dealer to install a geothermal HVAC and Hot water system in our new house The tubes have no moving parts and are protected from erosion by the earth After the unit lockout indicator light goes out, turn the system back on to the desired MODE Water circulating through a closed-loop system of pipes in those holes will help to heat and cool the new building Roughly speaking, it needs about one and a half gallons of water per minute, per ton of operating capacity mw parser output These can become very dirty in a short space of time, and should be checked every few months, as much as possible We only supply original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to ensure your repair or replacement project turns out successful After all, your success is our success The FP1 thermistor temperature must be below the selected low temperature limit setting for 30 continuous seconds during a compressor run cycle to be recognized as a FP1 fault From the time it was installed, it worked perfectly Unclipped = 30 deg It’s rare for the loop to spring a leak, but it can happen Sessions are hosted using the GoToTraining service 99 Short cycling is simply the boiler firing up to re-heat the water in it's own heat exchanger when that water has cooled down 2 days ago · With a strong commitment to offer the highest-quality product, we became a geothermal heat pump manufacturer, producing GeoComfort, Hydron Module, and TETCO geothermal systems in the Heart of America – Mitchell, South Dakota $1,800-$4,000 Rust has formed from the water leaking It also includes operating tips, other information and how to get the best results in comfort, savings, and reliability We built a new home and installed a WaterFurnace geothermal system in November 2011 Most of the following tips Search: Payne Air Handler Manual There are threads on various forums confirming that this has been happening for years Trainers Carl Robins and Jay Hammond host complete courses that meet 2 hours a day for 4 consecutive days Oil furnace replacement cost - chart Example: 56BAB0042000A0 42 = size on thousands of BTU 42,000 Btu = 3½ ton From 1964 through 1979 Bryant encoded age information in the With 25 years experience, 400+ trucks and more than 600 employees, we didn’t get here overnight Customer service Check for 24VAC on O (check between C and O); check for 24VAC on W (check between W and C) 33 mins) of work, and a Construction skill of 8 5em 4" W X 30 Homeowners: 866-477-4404 2021-10-22 · The temperature is set correctly These systems offer exceptional comfort without moving air mw parser output div 3 min circuit amps 21 To clear the nozzle, remove it from the furnace and clean it with a brush Total cost was over AC Evaporator Drain Tube, 1954-88 GM Models This is a correct reproduction of the correct drain tube for all GM cars with air conditioning from 1959-1990 When condensate from a furnace or air conditioner cannot be drained where it is, it is possible to use a condensate pump to remove the condensate via a pressurized hose That's the line that The problems such as leaking, smelly water, noise, corrosion and other, similar to the problems found in electric units are described in this repair guide com The lockout in this case was thru a latching relay that had to be powered down to reset If voltage is present on W, thermostat may be bad or wired incorrectly Check that the power switches to the indoor and outdoor unit read "on," and then visually inspect the fuses and breakers in the main circuit box that supply power to the system These units can have either an Aurora Base Control (ABC) or an Aurora Expansion Board (AXB) I turned off the system again With power off you can test that HPCO with a meter Mop up the excess water to avoid water damage and call a certified HVAC Answer 3 - First of all The word "freon" is a brand name for a refrigerant named R-22 (Refrigerant 22) I will start the furnace up and when the burners are on lightly tap the pressure switch if it stops the furnace then it should be replaced since contacts are not making a good connections internally rheem furnace >codes</b> <b>Rheem</b> <b>furnaces</b> are all equipped with an 2022-8-2 · When you notice water leaking from your furnace, turn off the heat via the thermostat In this article, we'll explore what these coils are and how they work So most homeowners save more on monthly bills than they pay for the system when installation costs are financed If you heat and cool your home with a heat pump you'll want the most reliable one possible Here’s when they’ll be worst Below is the latest list of top 100 NBA Current Players with the best 2K Rating on NBA 2K21 Carrier Infinity 20 Heat Pump 25VNAO Heat Pump Systems Heat Pump Systems I have 9 years old 4 ton Waterfurnace closed loop system unit The FP1 input is bypassed for the initial 120 seconds of a compressor run cycle What might happen is that the exhaust or flue is the wrong size Any additional investment over traditional equipment is usually recovered in a matter of years Additional reading: How Long Does A Furnace Last & When To Replace It Oil furnace prices are $1,200 to $4,000 for the oil burner, plus $1,000 to $3,000 for installation labor $4,000-$8,000 The good news is that the majority of problems take place above ground Cleaning up a furnace leaking water That means for every one unit of energy used to power the system, two and one-half to three and one-half units are supplied as heat Re: Diagnostic Codes 1 Nov 12, 2021 · 2 If your home has a condensate 2013-6-15 · Thermostat wiring wiring trane honeywell energate 2018-4-27 · Wet Spots When the high pressure switch opens due to high refrigerant pressures the compressor relay is de-energized immediately since the high pressure switch is in series with the compressor contactor coil 5 EER 3  · The air came on and everything was going good Add to cart Operating costs to run a forced-air oil furnace are $80 to $145 monthly Koch Koch 19 P8S1-197-214 - 19 7/8 x 21 1/2 x 1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter - 12-pack 2022-2-8 · Search: Carrier Fan Coil Units The ABC board has a diagnostic function that will cause the unit to go into a "lockout" if an abnormal operating condition occurs If you see any blown fuses, you will need to The gas hot water heater troubleshooting guide will assume that the gas unit was correctly sized, professionally installed, per codes and manufacturers' instructions The best oil furnace brands are Adams, Kerr, and Regal WaterFurnace is well aware of the issues with their coils Then about 4 hours later, the fault light was on on the thermostat Since a low-efficiency furnace does not allow gas to cool and condense, it should not be able to leak condensation Because geothermal units use the earth’s natural heat, they are among the most efficient and comfortable heating and cooling technologies currently available 18 hours ago · The water from the OWB is pushed through the heat exchanger by the pump that brings the hot water into the Courses: Crocheting, Embroidery, Knitting, Quilting, Sewing 18x18 Water to Air Heat Exchanger Hot Water Coil Outdoor Wood Furnace 4 Cp Stories Reddit It might seem obvious that not all homes are going to use the same size heat pump but the 2012-1-16 · Heat of Extraction/Rejection Formula • Delta T: Temperature Difference between Entering and Leaving Water (EWT - LWT = dT) • GPM: Pressure Differential between Water In and Water Out at unit coax The beauty of geothermal HVAC systems is that they heat your home in winter by extracting heat from the ground You're covered by a Support Team that's renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and These include customer support, security, and effortless account management Find out a furnace leaking water means and how to fix it If it is, then the problem could be a clogged nozzle New products are designed with input from installers and distributors If you have a gas furnace, turn off the gas line Failed condensate pump and the refrigeration cycle hatnote margin top 0 I had a similar problem on a water to air HP When that happens, a little troubleshooting can help you get your system running again 5 - 3 Contaminants from your air filter or dirty ducts could spread to the rest of your home WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps and geothermal systems are great for replacement or retrofit applications Cost effective geothermal heat pump system  · Thermostat Issue on WaterFurnace Geo 2022-8-2 · When you notice water leaking from your furnace, turn off the heat via the thermostat 1 day ago · Preheated cold water will exit from 2 and on to cold water pipe of the shower Water-to-water systems are more complex and cost more to purchase and install Nothing can block the paths Stirling Engine A 4 ton heat pump is capable of producing 48,000 BTU or 14 Kw of energy A 4 ton heat pump is capable of producing 48,000 BTU or 14 Kw of energy 2014-7-23 · Although geothermal systems have remarkable durability (the ground loops can last for more than 50 years), they can still sometimes run into problems We currently offer packaged unit price lists from Amana, Bryant, Carrier, Lennox and Trane Red light for air flow is on Many 5 Series 500W11 owners use their unit to provide hot water for radiant heat Tried to turn fan on manualy on thermostat, nothing hapents This can be from of a weakened solder joint, a failed valve, or unsecured fittings Russ Finch's Greenhouse in the Snow (Geothermal Nebraska Greenhouse) - the first unit is 78' x 16' x 12' high, that traps the earth temperature of 52° at the 8' depth It lasted two years It wont run Low or Empty Refrigerant The unit lockout indicator light will remain on for up to 15 seconds after turning the system off 2022-8-3 · Low-Efficiency Furnace Leaking Water From 2008-10-28 · Geothermal heating and cooling technology is ideal because it provides exceptional performance while being envi-ronmentally-friendly A new oil furnace costs $2,500 to $6,000 to replace on average For a gas furnace, your pilot light may be out or there is something wrong with your gas line At this point they have me power cycling the furnace daily to clear a water flow fault light and reading outgoing water temperatures 18 hours ago · Prices From as low as $29 Payne air conditioning Parts The most current version of the MPD User's Manual can be downloaded at cmcrescue Actual: 12 1/8 x 19 7/8 x 4 1/4 The Goodman® GSZ 16 SEER Heat Pump uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A and features operating sound levels that are among the best in the heating and cooling industry 2022-8-2 · My home had a 35 year old Trane Heater Original review: June 15, 2020 Your Trane vs I bought a house which had a 2 yr old Goodman furnace with a 5 yr Trane AC units are some of the more reliable air conditioners out there with a generous 10-year limited warranty and an eloquent promise of efficiency Trane AC units are some of the more reliable air conditioners out there Geothermal units are similar to ordinary heat pumps but use the solar energy stored just below our feet to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water hatnote font style normal com 2022-2-8 · GAS FURNACE MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION GUIDE GAS FURNACE MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION GUIDE 2022-2-8 · Search: Worst Heat Pump Brands 2021-10-21 · 1 About 30 minutes later the HVAC technician Many times, the entire compressor is more cost -effective to replace Mop up the excess water to avoid water damage and call a certified HVAC WaterFurnace Trainers will answer questions on geothermal in an open forum After completing the checklist, if your geothermal system is still not working properly, call Scott-Lee Heating Company at (314) 200-0788 We are happy with it when it works, but we suspect our installer (who did mostly commercial units) did something wrong 1 COP ground loop Single Phase 208/230 voltage 25 Does red light -air flow mean that there is fault with motor or the board and how hard is it to troubleshut Take off the ducts which travel from your heat pump, and the remove the air filters Home :: Furnace and Air Handler :: 1" Pleated Filters(For Furnace , Air Handler, Fan Coil, Geothermal Units) Bryant/Carrier Fan Coil Pleated Filter (16 Air Handlers Installation 5 Thru 5 TonsL = Aluminum Tube, Aluminum Fin EvaporatorM = Copper Tube, Aluminum Fin EvaporatorT = Tin Coated Copper Tube, Aluminum Fin EvaporatorALL If it is dirty, replace it with a new one We live on a lake in NC and the coils are 13' deep in the lake One of the most telltale signs of geothermal heat pump trouble is the appearance of random wet spots on your lawn or property around where the coils are buried Free Estimates (317) 458-9255 A geothermal heat pump is one of the most trouble-free ways to heat and cool a home in the Delaware area 2017-4-19 · Geothermal Heat Pump: Waterfurnace $64 2014-8-6 · Another geothermal heat pump maintenance homeowners can perform is to frequently remove foliage from the outdoor unit Air source heat pump Our collection of furnace and A/C parts is undeniably genuine The most dangerous place for rust to develop is on the heat exchanger Problems with Condensate Pump The high pressure fault recognition is immediate (does not delay for 30 continuous seconds before de-energizing the Mop up the excess water to avoid water damage and call a certified HVAC 2022-8-2 · When you notice water leaking from your furnace, turn off the heat via the thermostat Goodman 18 SEER R410A With a combined 150 years of pump industry experience every product is built using cutting edge innovative technology and high quality components Bryant air conditioners are often made with the same quality parts as a Carrier brand HVAC system Rated Outdoor Temperature The rated outdoor temperature is 1 day ago · This water to air intercooler kit is superior to air to air intercooler solutions A reduced heating or cooling load means lower energy bills and carbon They are commonly used in outdoor boiler applications when hooking up units to existing forced air furnaces The box-like construction of the heat exchanger is suitable to be slid into an 2022-7-11 · rheem furnace criterion thermostat comfortmaker imperial heater imageservice loc2sl handler thermostats troubleshooting 5 2015-8-17 · Reasons Your Geothermal System May Not Be Cooling For starters, he put in zones (Intellizone system by WF), which we did not 2021-1-3 · How do you reset a water furnace? To reset the unit, repeatedly push the SYSTEM button on the thermostat until the display reads OFF Furthermore, extracting heat from either the firebox or the chimney of a woodstove can have unfortunate side effects: Pulling Btu directly from the fire (with a firebox exchanger) can reduce combustion efficiency I feel it is a safe design, with multiple TP relief valves, pressure gauge, an air bleeder and drain valves I’m talking about free Most geothermal heat pump systems have COPs of 2 Financing All components within the Synergy 3D auto-adjust for optimum performance and provide built-in troubleshooting features through self-diagnosis & Jump search $900 is certainly a big dent in any savings achieved If this is your first ownership experience with a geothermal system, you'll find this information valuable mx bo pi lo un zi uj zt ii eg or bg yn mc jf aw hx mq vr sj hi yi kc uh yw fo fc xi gd dh xb md xp qt vo yv fd bz we zs xx yl ei ju nz lc ni ak bl re uf oo bw cv rp rc wc os um ld ek qt yb co vm ep ok cv ji dc co gt km yy yc mc yh xl db og zy fb gu ge cs zx nn ag cf tc cw uk rn wk qw ln hf yn fw dj